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About Dr. G

Dr. G. (Jim Gifford, Ph.D.) is a former university professor and homeschool dad.  He loves all things science and wants to help kids learn to love science as well.  Dr. G. has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the United States Military Academy, a master's degree in chemical engineering from M.I.T., and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from NC State University.

His educational philosophy is that learning should be fun, engaging, and spark curiosity and a love of the intricacies of the world we live in.  Dr. G firmly believes that it is just as important to increase a student's interest in science as it is to learn the material in a class.  

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Some words from Dr. G students

My daughter finally enjoyed science taught at a pace she could easily grasp.
Lauren N.
This class was a great fit for my son. He enjoyed learning from Dr. Gifford, who explained things in interesting and practical ways without bogging students down with too much math. We would definitely recommend!
Yoona B.
My son LOVED this class! Dr. Gifford's teaching was interesting and understandable; almost every day I'd hear, "Mom, did you know..." 
Poppy T.
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