Chemistry - 2nd Semester

High School Chemistry
Aligned to curriculum standards

Self- paced online

16 Lessons

16 graded quizes & graded final exam

Block 1

Physical & Chemical Properties

Block 2

Advanced Chemical Reactions

Block 3




Why take this course?

By choosing our curriculum, students will develop a strong foundation in chemistry, enabling them to excel in further studies. Our engaging and comprehensive approach ensures that students not only grasp the concepts but also develop a genuine interest and appreciation for the subject.

Comprehensive Coverage

Dr. G’s curriculum covers all the essential topics of high school chemistry, providing a thorough foundation in the subject.

Structured Learning Path

The curriculum is organized in a logical and sequential manner, ensuring a smooth progression of concepts and skills.

Engaging and Interactive Content

We employ a variety of multimedia resources, including videos, simulations, and interactive exercises, to make learning chemistry exciting and accessible.

No Algebra Pre-Requisite

Dr. G Science is primarily focused on the concepts rather than the "hard math".  Algebra 1 is not required for this course, only the abilty to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Dr. G explains all other math necessary as part of the course.

Experienced Instructor

Dr. G has taught at multiple levels from elementary school through college, he understands the benefit of making tough scientific concepts accessible to students

Flexibility and Accessibility

Being an online curriculum, it offers the flexibility to learn at one's own pace, anytime and anywhere, making it an ideal choice for homeschooling

Self-paced course:
Complete on your own schedule

Each of the 16 lessons includes:
  • Approximately 1 hour of video lecture
  • Fill-in-the-blank notes to increase retention of key topics
  • Printable practice problems and fully worked out solutions
  • Graded 7 question quiz on lesson material
  • 2 graded exams during the course and a graded final exam

Learning Objectives:

Students taking this class will gain a working understanding of basic concepts in chemistry to include:
  • Apply stoichiometric calculations to determine reactant and product quantities
  • Differentiate between the properties and behavior of different states of matter
  • Understand the concepts of acids, bases, and salts, including pH and neutralization reactions

  • Analyze chemical reactions using the concepts of kinetics and equilibrium
  • Understand the principles of energy transfer in chemical reactions (thermochemistry)
  • Investigate electrochemical processes and their applications
My daughter really likes this class. Dr. Gifford does a good job at breaking it down in a way that she understands it but then pushes his students to think a little bit harder in his practice problems. I like that he changes the practice problems a bit from his classroom examples so she has to think instead of just following a formula. 
— Eko L.
I honestly wished I had Dr. Gifford as a chemistry teacher throughout my school career. He turns complicated and dense material into FUN and engaging topics. My daughter LOVES to retell his chem jokes.
— Ginette
Dr Gifford explains well the concepts taught in his courses. He does examples and shows how to do them step by step. Great chemistry classes to take! 
— Ulises D.
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